Secret Place Encounters

cd3This CD project is a compilation of worship sounds captured during an intense time in the Presence of God.  They are sounds unrehearsed, and will probably never be sung again.  Holy Spirit led us as we yielded to His expression of worship to the Father through earthen vessels.  It is purposefully uncut, as we wanted to release the raw sound, without mixture, and not to diminish the essence of what was captured by covering up the mistakes.  My prayer is that you will be drawn closer to Him as you experience the spontaneity of prophetic worship through Secret Place Encounters.

Love Poured Out – Bow Down – Intro/Always Worship You – Always Worship You – My Delight – Rendezvous – Deep Calls To Deep – Holy Rain – God Is In This Place – Holy Rain (Reprise)

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House of Prayer (CD Single)

cd2Matthew says “My house shall be called a house of prayer.”  Everything God does in the earth is as a result of someone praying.  House of Prayer is a SINGLE release carrying of prophetic sound of the heart of God calling His people to prayer.

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I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy

cd1A mixture of songs that releases Praise & Worship to our God.

I Bowed On y Knees And Cried Holy – God Has Another Plan – Champion of Love – Can You Reach My Friend – Holy of Holies – I Give You Jesus – Show Me How To Love

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