Has two primary areas of focus:

  1. Building strong and healthy marriages;
  2. Teaching and equipping couples to use their marriage as a tool to assist in releasing the Kingdom of God in the Earth

Building Healthy Marriages
God created the institution of marriage; therefore, He alone has the blueprint to a healthy and successful relationship between husband and wife. Our focus is to instruct couples on God’s intention for marriage based on the Word of God.  We focus on various kingdom principles that facilitate building strong relationships between husband and wife such as:

  • Communication
  • Intimacy God’s Way
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Financial Security
  • And much more

Marriage as a Tool
God uses all things to work in congruence with His plan of causing the Kingdom of Heaven to invade the earth. After a couple has intentionally built their marriage on healthy kingdom principles, we equip couples to use their marriage as a tool to assist in the building of God’s plan. These principles include: proper parenting as a husband and wife, strengthening your mate for their role in the market place, praying together to see increase, using marriage to help build your local church, and much more! It isn’t enough to have a great relationship with your spouse. These relationships must also fit into God’s kingdom mandate for the earth. Healthy marriages create healthy families that create healthy communities…

Through a fun, energetic and strategic atmosphere, we focus on building into the lives of  couples and families. God created and adores the family unit. Our goal is to assist in making it spotless in His sight.